If a party is absent from the conference the Court may make an order that such a party pays costs that was incurred as a result of his absence.

Pre-Trial Conference

The Court may decide that a conference should take place before the actual trial. You may also request in writing that you and your spouseor the legal representatives have a conference before a Magistrate. This conference is called a “pre-trial”, because it is a conference before the trial. The main purposes of such a conference is to consider a settlement and to minimise the issues in dispute. This request should be made in duplicate to the Registrar. You should include in this request the matters that you want to be considered at this conference. This request is taken by the Registrar to the Magistrate who will decide whether a pre-trial conference should be held. If the Magistrate decides that such a conference should be held, the Registrar will sign a letter that will be delivered by hand or registered post (together with a copy of the request) to the parties or their representatives at least 10 court days prior to the date fixed for the conference. The following are issues that may be considered at the pre-trial conference:

  • The simplification of the divorce issues
  • The necessity or the desirability to amend the documents (pleadings)
  • The possibility of obtaining an admission of a fact so that that fact does not have to be proved
  • The limitation of the number of experts that will give evidence at the trial
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